MARINE Five Axis Industries was born out of the need for high performance and reliable components sought by the marine racing industry. As national champions and multiple speed record holders in Unlimited Hydroplane racing, the Ellstrom family recognized limitations could only be overcome by a company willing to make the commitment to invest in engineering and producing superior design. “Five Axis” met the challenge with amazing innovation. Many years of research and development have gone into the exclusive products that have impacted Unlimited Hydroplane and Class 1 Offshore racing circuits, creating a new standard of excellence. Five Axis Industries propellers are machined from triple impact stainless steel forgings made to exact specifications. Combined with a proprietary blade geometry and precision multi-axis machining the result is unrivaled. We are the only manufacturer to develop turbine engine housings made from billet aluminum. Originally produced due to the scarcity of surplus housings, and the high cost of new housings that carry an FAA certification for helicopters, these were originally made for Unlimited Hydroplanes. Today these engines are used in a wide variety of applications that benefit from the lower cost and higher corrosive resistance our products provide. Five Axis Industries continues today as it has since the beginning, to strive for innovation, to reach for excellence, and to rise to the challenge. We serve an industry of World Champions, we can’t afford to be second best.