OUR HISTORY Sven Ellstrom founded Ellstrom Manufacturing in 1960 to make laminated products for the building industry. In 1967 Ellstrom Mfg. was commissioned by the Boeing Company to build the largest wind tunnel blades in history, measuring 36 feet in diameter for the Boeing 747 project. Ever since, the company has specialized in making composite paneling for numerous applications, including interiors and exteriors of buildings and airplanes. More than thirty years later, Sven’s son Erick ventured into a new manufacturing industry—race boat components. This stemmed from Erick’s lifelong hobby and passion for water and boating. While building their first hydroplane boat prototype, Erick and Sven discovered they couldn’t find parts made with the level of precision they were looking for. Thus, Five-Axis Industries was born.

“Since its inception, Five Axis Industries has become a leading expert in manufacturing machining.The company has become a primary supplier to the marine and aerospace industries, earning a valued reputation for high quality parts and on time delivery.”

The Seattle-based company was started to meet a specific need for high-precision machining. The company specializes in high-tolerance parts with complicated geometries machined from hard ferrous materials such as titanium and inconel. This allowed Ellstrom to create, test and modify racing components for his Unlimited Hydroplane Racing team. Today, the U-16 Unlimited hydroplane reigns as national champion which began with its first national win in 2005. Five Axis Industries has proven capable of machining difficult parts with precision and accuracy unchallenged in the industry. It\’s growth and expertise is continuing the legacy of excellence that started 50 years ago.