Engineering & Design

Engineering and Design

From initial creation of a 3 dimensional CAD model to virtual assemblies with motion and FEA analysis designs are transformed from concept to virtual reality and prepared for the manufacturing process. Five Axis Industries and Ellstrom Manufacturing have been developing innovative design solutions for over 50 years. Our engineering team has the experience and knowledge to solve difficult challenges, and because it is our philosophy to maintain the most advance software and tools available our engineers are equipped to produce the most efficient solutions possible. We specialize in unique applications as well as reverse engineering to reproduce and improve legacy parts no longer available. If you have a challenging project or if you’ve been told it “can’t be done” give us a call and see what our expert team can do.

Design Software Used

MasterCam: CAD/CAM system used in design process to build CAD models, capture probe data, test manufacturing concepts, and evaluate geometric configuration.

Catia: We can import native Catia Data directly into MasterCam using an industry approved translator module. 

Solid Works: A high end CAD system with parametric capabilities which allow for variable driven designs perfect for part families and testing environments. Solid Works also has a powerful suite of optional modules to facilitate Structural Analysis; Thermal Analysis; Structural Optimization; Fatigue Analysis; Virtual Assemblies with Motion Simulation and Analysis; and Photorealistic Rendering that can turn a CAD model into a lifelike representation suitable for proposals, presentations, and submissions.