CNC Programming


When CNC machining is the manufacturing method of choice, CNC programming is the key to success. We are experts in CNC programming in 3, 4 and 5 axis control for CNC milling machines and high speed CNC routers, as well as wire EDM (Electro Discharge Machining). We specialize in complex parts, hard to machine materials and high speed routing for composites. There is more to the process then just removing material. Choosing the right cutting tools, feeds, speeds, and fixture design all play a role, as does knowing the effect each cut has on the next and selecting the appropriate order of operations. These factors are all critical in developing a machining process that is both cost effective and produces the highest quality possible.


Every CNC program we create is run in a virtual environment to eliminate error and prove accuracy before released to the shop for final prove out. We use full machine simulation to insure there are no catastrophic failures possible and to eliminate delay’s caused by programming error. We also have the capability of comparing our virtual part to the authorized CAD solid model.

SOFTWARE USED: (for our design software list click HERE)

MasterCam : CAD/CAM system used to generate machine motion control, CAD Models, and a lite version of virtual machining.

Vericut by CGTECH: Virtual Machining system used to prove out and verify accuracy of machine motion in a virtual environment. Vericut is the most powerful and widely recognized virtual machining system on the market today.